Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black & White

The Little Express



  1. Hey Sishir, beautiful shots.
    You did it once again!!!

  2. Interesting and wonderful fotografii.O different world, congratulations.

  3. These are fantastic Sishir! I always like the black & whites!

  4. Love the power of the black and white photos.

  5. lovely poignant shots...well captured!

  6. @ Jolly, thanks a lot, once again.....
    @ Foto Lucian, welcome to my blog & thanks for your nice comment.
    @ ARIPI DE FLUTURE, welcome to my blog, i'm so glad to get a comment from you. Thanks!
    @ Picture Imperfect, thank you so much dropping by & leaving a comment.
    @ Art with Liz, thank you so much, its really encouraging!!!!
    @ flyingstars,thanks a lot,glad you liked it.
    Prasanth, welcome to my blog & thanks a lot!!

  7. No me sorprende tanta felicitación, tu blog refleja el dia a dia de tu pais, que por cierto es precioso, un saludo, Jose luis.

  8. La limita, imprevizibil, dinamism, eleganta – cu siguranta nu putem caracteriza frecventa si starea lucrurilor dar mai ales al momentului.
    Opreste timpul! Paseste printre fractiuni de secunda,
    Te astept si pe tine!

    To the limits, unpredictable, dynamism, elegance - for sure we cannot characterize the frequency and status of happening, furthermore the ones of the very moment
    Cease the moment ! Step amongst fractions of second,
    Awaiting for you, too…

  9. I've always been amazed how in certain parts of the world it seems women do so much of the "heavy" work!

  10. Hola:

    I like the style and I think that your country is a wonderful place to take photographies.

    Thanks for the nice shots.

    Serge Cornillet

  11. Love your blog and have added you to my favourite blog list, ok?!
    Happy sunday,

  12. @ Dungha, thanks a lot for visiting & dropping a comment.
    @ Thanks Jacob & I totally agree with you.
    @ Welcome to my blog SERGE CORNILLET & thanks a lot for your kind words !!!
    @ Welcome to my blog Bikim & thank you so much for adding my blog to your favorite list, I've done the same!!! See you, thanks again!!

  13. Very expresive street portraits. Cames from a sensitive soul. Thanks for wonderfull words from my blog. You make a good job too, man.

  14. Beautiful in monos...perfect and crisp.

  15. This makes me see how hard life can be

  16. @ Welcome to my blog Adrian Popa & thanks a lot.
    @ Hey Pacey, thanks so much.
    @ Hello Ayie, life at times is really hard. Thanks for your comment!


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