Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not a photograph!!!.. a small story..

About 1 year back..when I was at Bengaluru, one day while working on a site, I met this little kid with a small smile...he was really very naughty. Soon we got into conversation, but suddenly he asked me for my cell phone, when i asked why? he said that he has to call some one.. i took the number from him and called. I kept on trying to connect ...but in vain, finally i asked him whose number is it?? he replied.. its my mother's number. I couldn’t understand why then it kept saying that the "number does not exist “ all the time. At the end, after finishing my work, I took a snap of my little friend and came out of the building.
But, before getting in to my cab....i looked back to have a glance of the building...there was a board hanging on which it was written ….."Orphan House"........the little friend of mine belonged to that orphan center, he had never seen his mother, he was one of those kids who are given false numbers telling that those are their parents numbers. ..where as, they have never had a father or a mother . Each time i remember the innocence on that kids face..i ask can anyone do this..... such a painful punishment to such innocent kids??????


  1. Shishir,
    Just cheked your latest postings which I had not seen since Mira bai post. These posts have a very high emotional content and I could feel them coming across. Thank you very much for these posts.

  2. Wow Sishir. This story moved me, and reminded me of just how much that I have to be grateful for, each and every day. The photo on its own is moving - such a sweet smile - but when you add the story it really hits home.

    Thank you for sharing this powerful reminder. I always welcome these humbling thoughts.

  3. Love the humanity on your photos!
    Love to come here!
    Love the way you play with shades and colours!
    Take care,

  4. nice one.
    little bit underexposed at the face but still ok

  5. I wonder about the parents actually. How can you give off your kid to an orphanage? I understand there may be some cases where father-mother die in a baby's childhood, but there can be relatives to take care. I have no clue how bad it must be feeling to be called an orphan.

    Your experience has raised many questions. But sadly, there's no one to answer. Take my example. I ask myself what I can do in such an incidence. I have no clear answer. Maybe, I can take his responsibility for lifetime. What next?

    Peacocks [Mor, मोर] of Morachi Chincholi [मोराची चिंचोली]

  6. Hi Sishir,

    So sad story, and there are too much stories like yours in our world.

  7. That really touched me!The photo with the story really hits hard.

    Lack of words...We should be thankful to the Almighty that we've everything we need.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Deepa from

  8. what a great post! First , thank you for visiting sheltersky. This story really touched me. I had lived with two foster families in Korea before being adopted to the US when I was a young child...and I feel for this little one and your thank you for your story.

  9. Thanks to all of you. Actually the incident took place a year ago but still it had been lingering in my thoughts. Hope to get over it some day...

  10. What a sad story, Sishir...but it was nice of you, anyway, to try the number for him. I imagine that, in India, it is very difficult for orphans to be adopted though people in the U. S. are so desparate for children. It is a shame that adoptions aren't more easily facilitated to bring children and parents together.


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