Sunday, November 15, 2009

It was one of those hot afternoon of Orissa and I was on my way to Phulbani. Our bus halted at an isolated place. I felt relived as because it was so hot and the bus was over packed, I really needed some fresh air.
I came out and looked around, the whole placed looked dry,empty & lifeless. There I saw this old women sitting alone to one side of the road and selling green chilies,dry chilies, garlic,ginger,lemon & mangoes. They looked fresh but no body brought anything from her. It seemed as if her business has not yet started but she was patience. I waited for some time hoping this bus might bring some relief to her wrinkled face but it did not, our bus gave the final horn and passengers climbed up to their respective seats before leaving, I gave a final look to see if there was anything of my use but couldn't find anything and I did not feel like questioning her self respect so I moved ahead leaving her alone with a respect for her and many questions in my mind.


  1. What a perspective you have! Great Shot! :)

  2. Beautiful and exciting frames.

  3. Thanks to follow Sishir,
    I've an other blog concerning my personal pictures. I'll give you the HTTP:
    I like your last entry, I think that you show us your vision of India.

    Serge Cornillet

  4. this is picture perfect, you captured the emotions here I can see how she's patiently waiting for people to come by

  5. ur pics are beautiful like a well written poem, they touch the heart in places unknown and leaves one bereft of words. The women seems so resilient and in it is all the beauty

  6. @ Megha Chhatbar, thanks a lot!! :)
    @ Foto Lucian,welcome to my blog & I'm glad you liked it!!
    @ Welcome to my blog Bhavesh Chhatbar,thanks!
    @ Hey Serge Cornillet, thanks & I'm following you!!
    @ Thanks ARIPI DE FLUTURE, thanks a lot!!:)
    @ Hey Pacey, thank you so much.
    @ Hello Ayie, thanks!
    @ Welcome B, thank you for your sweet comment!
    Thanks to all of you!!

  7. beautiful picture, lovely women and beautiful writter you are sishir
    kiss xxx

  8. I love your journalistic approach and the wonderful photo. I hope she sold something.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so happy you enjoyed my photography.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note

  9. Thank you beautiful ladies, thanks a lot!!!

  10. This is a beautiful shot, Sishir! Very moving and ... still, it seems! It seems as if she's sitting oh so still, hoping not to disturb the universe or something. :o)

    Great colour and composition too. Thank you for sharing!

  11. This is a most touching photo. The dear waits and waits for someone to purchase her wares. What amazing patience but, then, what is she to do? You are so respectful in your narratives and assessment. I enjoy your photographs and respect what you have to say.

  12. Thank you so much RNSANE. I did, what I thought is best at that point of time. Even though I wanted to help her but I did not want to hamper her self respect so.....


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