Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I started this painting around 12 years back but could never finish it......now dont ask me the reason! Lets put it like this, "It happens".
Its one of my favorite painting out of my small collection.
Meera Bai has a long history but for that you have to check Wikipedia. Mine is a creative blog and I'm not good in fact bad when it comes to writing. Lets see may be when i'll be 60 yrs old then I'll try my hands on writing. I hope to see you guys and not abandon.
To me, Meera Bai is an expression of love & devotion.


  1. This is a superlative painting. Just like all other paintings of yours. What is the medium you have used? Acrylics/Oils?
    Bahut sundar.

  2. Hi Prabal, thanks a lot.
    Well I've neither used acrylics nor oils. I've mixed poster color with water color, though it is very difficult to mix them and therefore this combination is rarely used but when you do so, it produces such effect.
    Thanks again.

  3. Hello Shiju, first of all welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for your comment.

  4. Hi Sishir , Thanks for looking into my blog its appreciated.
    Above artwork is masterpiece


  5. And finally......Meera has a rebirth...Sinu cud u plz gift me this one? this only gift.....from you....plssssss.s.....

  6. good paintings.
    I too started daily paintings.

  7. This painting is exceptionally good.I wonder how you managed to achieve this with water/poster colors!But its great and you should do some more if you are so good at painting!

  8. Ah, this is a great art work here Sishir. Hope you'll get to finish it someday when the mood is up. :) Btw, no I didn't take the bobsled ride, was so coward to do so. :)

  9. Your painting is exquisite. I love the monochromatic approach and her expression is sublime.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog too. I am so happy you enjoyed my photography.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note

  10. Thank you so much for visiting & appreciating my work.
    It has made my day :)

  11. Hey Sishir, this is soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!
    You are dam good!!

  12. The transformation of ancient MEERA through brush and colors into the canvas ……. Even it took a long time a decade and couple of years to come out of the canvas and excel likes an epic art.
    Reflects the symbol of faith, love, purity, dedication, sacrifice, trust etc.
    You are a magician with golden hands.

  13. Thanks for being on my blog. I am just amazed to see your art. Fantastic and beautiful one! I really like the details and neatness you have put in. Well done! And yes, you have one more friend in your list..:)

  14. Stunning painting and wonderful mastery of technique and paints!

  15. @ jolly, thanks a lot dear!!
    @ Sandeep, thank you so much. Your words means a lot to me.
    @ Megha Chhatbar, thanks for such nice words! Welcome to my my blog, even your blog "Nature & the earth- Megha Chhatbar" is wonderful & you will find me in your friend list too!!!
    @ meera, welcome to my blog! Glad to get appreciation from meera to meera!!Thanks
    @ Loulou, thanks a lot, you know i'm a fan of your photography,Love.

  16. Gostei muito Sishir!
    É lindíssimo! Congratulations!

    Um abraço

  17. You are a very talented person! This is gorgeous!

  18. Thanks Gisela & Jacob, thanks a lot!!!

  19. This is a masterpiece !
    I mistook it for the picture of a sculpture !
    And when you said "could never complete it", I'm kinda confused.. :) .I thought it's complete.
    keep up the good work..

    hoping to see a painting from you more frequently :)

  20. Thanks a lot PC, its my favorite piece of art & your words have made me feel so proud (may be because i've seen your work).
    Thanks again.


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